if you want me for an entire day

Vip Day

A Premium 1:1 VIP service for you that want me for an entire day to do anything we can accomplish in 8 Hours! Like a Custom logo, a Custom Landing Page, a Template Restyle or an additional collateral designs. 

Vip Day

  • Custom Website Design (1-2 Pages);
  • and/or Website Template Restyle (2-5 pages);
  • and/or Mini Brand Kit (One Main Logo Design, 2 Brand Varaitions);
  • and/or 10 Social Media Templates Design;
  • and/or Third Parties Apps Installation & Configuration;
  • and/or Product Packaging 
  • and/or Business Cards Design
  • Anything we can accomplish in 8 Hours;
  • Unlimited Revisions During the Day.


8 hours Day Work that depending on the complexity can include:


1 Day

Why work with me

I'm here to make your Brand & Website experience so much easier! The most used phrase by my clients is: "You've read my mind". That's because I work only one-on-one, take the time to listen to what you want and with my background in Marketing, I’ve learned also what makes designs actually sell, and how we can tailor those designs to best speak to your target audience. 

Take my clients words...

Design Day


  • Design from 8am-5pm
  • Revisions performed throughout the day
  • Launch!


  • Book your VIP Day
  • Complete Proposal
  • Pay in full or Initial Deposit (50%)

Prep Work


  • Receive Your Welcome Message and Access to Your Notion Board
  • Complete VIP Day Prep Work (Gather your content & Inspo)
  • Schedule VIP Day 
  • Brand Design Prep Call


how it works

Thank you so much Velia!! You are the absolute best ever!! 

I have had so many people messaging me saying how beautiful and easy to navigate the site is. You are so talented! I so appreciate your help with this. Thank you for everything. I can't believe how fast you are and how much I’m able to navigate and do myself thanks to your Video Tutorial. 

Velia ! Thank you so much ! My site is absolutely stunning!

I cannot explain the feeling when I seen her vision and my new website. I was in tears ! She is so talented and very very helpful. I was skeptical when I started this journey after so much research and finding the right person - reading her reviews made me feel so confident, the work she produces she is hands down the best ! I am not a very computer savvy person she walked me thru everything and at the end it was more than what I expected . Just perfection ! 

Working with Velia was an absolute breeze!

I'd been wanting to have my site professionally designed for years but kept hearing horror stories from peers about bad experiences and designs taking months and months only to come out totally wrong. Velia capture my vibe so perfectly, executed a beautiful design, and had everything up and running so quickly! I was so grateful to be able to hire one person to do all the design and install. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process and am so in love with my new site!

When I saw my website I was literally crying! 

Velia is so talented and so fast!! The all process is so smooth and her designs are always amazing. I said yes to the first draft! I was so impressed that I ended up adding also the Branding Service and she delivered me some wonderful Logos. I will certainly recommend her to all my friends and colleges.

I can't believe she did all of this in just 5 days!

I love it! I've always made my own website by myself until now, and I just felt like something was missing. I wanted to make more impact and elevate my Brand. The process is so smooth and fast I can't believe she designed such an elegant and luxurious brand & website in literally 5 days! Definitely recommend it!

Best investment ever! You won't regret it!

Before we were so embarrassed to send our site to potential clients but now our website is exactly what we were picturing and Velia made it happen and delivered it so fast. The whole website looks very custom made and tailored to our brand. We strongly recommend her. Now we finally feel more confident, professional & ready to make more clients!

This has been the best experience for me!

The design process with Studio Zash was the easiest and faster I've ever done with the best results. I am so happy with my website. Thank you so much Velia! 

Meet Your Designer

Hey friend! I’m the Head Designer and Creative Director behind Studio Zash. I specialize in designing Aesthetic and high-converting websites in days for ambitious entrepreneurs. With my background in Marketing, I’ve learned what makes designs actually sell, and how we can tailor those designs to best speak to your target audience. We aren’t just making pretty things when you’re working with me. I'm here to help you launch a stylish and attention grabbing website so that you can start making more $$$ as fast as possible.

Hi, I'm Velia!


Yes, payments can be broken into two parts.

I usually book about 2-6 weeks in advance, so I would recommend getting in touch with me as soon as you start thinking you need a designer and well before your deadline. Especially from September to May which is the high season and I only take a limited number of clients to guarantee the quality.

Nothing. I'm here to help you. I'll guide you every. step of the way.